5 Seconds Of Summer - Voodoo Doll (One Mic, One Take) 720 HD

For people who can’t watch it on youtube :)


when you type “luke” instead of “like”



Number one reason to get a job:

  1. Concert tickets and band shirts


lol luke on wipeout would literally look like a little string bean or a wet noodle flopping around bc he’s not coordinated with his arms and legs and he’d fall before he even tried to get off the starting platform and he’d just stay in the water and cheer the boys on while floating on his back and pretending he’s a water fountain


After three years, we finally get to tell you that… WE HAVE AN ALBUM !!! you can preorder from midnight (local time!) weds 14th may !! everyone that does preorder it on iTunes will get to download a new track from the album straight away ;) and you’ll also get a bunch of other tracks to hear & own before the release!

We’ve been working on this so hard for you and it feels so good that we finally get to release it. We really hope you’ll like it. All the info you need is below… We love you! - Cal, Ash, Mikey & Luke x #FinallyA5sosAlbum

'5 Seconds of Summer' Album Preorder Links & Release Dates
iTunes (standard version): http://po.st/xT38EX
iTunes (deluxe version): http://po.st/hHQuak
June 27: Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden
June 30: Everywhere else!!!
July 16: Japan
July 22: USA, Canada, Mexico

Ashton singing and a bonus down-the-shirt shot of Luke at the end


5 seconds of summer 

5 Seconds of Summer perform on stage at Riverside Theatre on May 8, 2014 in Perth, Australia.

5 Seconds of Summer arrive at Perth Airport. May 8th, 2014

“Reblog this to send hope and love to everyone in the 5sosFam, thank you.” — (via 5secondsofsummer-fanpage)

Calum Thomas Hood looking at the camera in Adelaide, 02.05